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[after coming out non-binary] You have periods, right? So you’re a woman. I know you want to be a man, but there’s no need for this.

If a graph was plotted, cissexism would correlate with binarism; this one appears to be very high on the cissexism/transphobia scale. This delightful specimen combines binarism… and cissexism! Priceless! (the snark, it burns)

1. It’s no-one else’s business what your body does and doesn’t do.

2. Not everyone with periods is a woman, and not every woman has periods.

3. Non-binary folks are just that - NON-BINARY. Not trying to be the ‘opposite’ binary gender.

4. As far as my experience goes, if someone is coming out, they feel there is a need for it. We don’t come out for shits and giggles, honestly. We come out because we actually want people to see us for who we are.

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