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Um - yeah, I’ve kinda been on hiatus. Not been feeling too good, no motivation (for anything at all), decided to try to take some time out. (I don’t feel particularly refreshed…) I did keep an eye on it; only had one submission - very recent, just posted - but I gather tumblr has eaten submissions on some other blogs.

Posting may however be intermittent this month because I have exams and really should be revising for them.

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Trigger warning; cissexism, binarism, mention of rape & use of the word ‘butthurt’


How to Help a Friend Through an Abortion (from Jezebel)


[The link is cis-sexist. Like always, I just want to gently remind that more than just people who identify as “women” will need and want and get access to abortion care.]

Oh my fucking god. Just because it doesn’t acknowledge the fact that some men get abortions doesnt make it fucking cissexist. The number of people who aren’t women that get abortions is insignificant in relation to the number of women. The same thing with the number of men who get raped. The number is statistically so insignificant that it isn’t worth mentioning. I’m so sick of people getting all butthurt over this. “not all people who get abortions are woman!!!” “Men get raped too!!” …Shut the fuck up. This post isn’t cissexist.


So it’s so important to invalidate non-cis folks that you will actually go out of your way to reblog just to protest about people acknowledging we exist?


That’s a really admirable thing to do /sarcasm.

And actually yes, failing to remember that not all people with uteri (is that so difficult?) are women is pretty much textbook cissexism; specifically, cissexist/binarist erasure. Because some men and some folks outside the binary could well be in need of abortion - and dissonance means that many of us could be in dire need indeed.

And who gives a shit how small the populations are? (not that we know, since there are almost certainly a bunch of people out there IDing as binary and cis because they’ve never been told - even in passing in say an article about abortion?- that being anything else is possible.)

We’re here. We’re real. We. exist. And our selves, our existence - damn right that’s worth mentioning. Because hello, we exist.

(and can we please quit with the word ‘butthurt’ because it squicks me out and I’m not the only one; it has a lot of rape-related connotations and is probably triggering for some folks.)

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Anonymous asked: Ew, I just realized that person is in my current fandom. Of course this kind of ickiness is everywhere, but still, ew.

Oh dear, I’m sorry. That kind of thing is really awful.

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TW; ableism, binarism, other kyriarchal slime.

Someone who claims to ‘rage against transphobia’… except for those ‘special snowflake’ non-binaries, of course.

Ah yes, I remember this person. Cropped up a while since (my response is here) with some binarist shit. To this let’s add ableist anti-demi and sexist at the least. With four or five pages of browsing, I’ve found some pretty good bits of binarist bingo (if I have time I’ll try to do a binarism bingo at some point, unless there already is one). - Oh noes people are trying not to be shitspits to people who don’t fit conventional norms of ability. TRAGEDY. /sarcasm. - What’s this? ‘Nature didn’t make genderless humans’? Nature fucking did. It made me. It made other people like me. - Now then, being androgynous and someone’s daughter NEED NOT be mutually exclusive - but if this person would remove the Headphones-of-Binarism they’d see that IN THIS CASE THEY ARE, since that appears to be how OP experiences it. So yeah, A for Doucheffort. What is this deal, btw, of reblogging non-bigoted secrets just to tear the OP down? Does it give you a kick, trying to rub salt into someone’s wounds? Does your life revolve around trying to tear down people who haven’t done a single fucking thing to you just because we exist? Really? - Props to anon. Also, ‘facts, proof, logic…’ You gonna say anything about the construction of ‘objectivity’ from privilege? Or just going to argue that our lived experience isn’t a fact. Because it fucking is. AND AGAIN WITH THE ABLEISM SERIOUSLY DO YOU REALLY NEED TO GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO BE A SHITSPIT?

Submitted by agender and proud. Thank you!

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Small Demons does gender right

Small Demons is a new site for sharing details that appear in books and films. (You’ve read The Millennium Trilogy, now visit Sweden, read the Hedestad Courier, or buy Zalachenko’s “fucking Boy Scout pistol” on Amazon.)

Small Demons gets gender

Here’s a screenshot from its settings page. It doesn’t ask your sex at sign-up, but lets users change their possessive pronoun from the default “Their” to something gender-specific. It’s a thoughtful and respectfully subtle and non-intrusive way of acknowledging ambivalence about gender and online privacy. Good job, Small Demons.

That’s pretty unusual. I mean, obviously it doesn’t encompass the full range of pronouns (although I have never come across anything that does…) but it’s still a lot better than just the her/his thing. And not asking sex/gender is great!

Submitted by jdbartlett. Thank you!

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Trigger warning - casual use of the word ‘rape’, binarism, cissexism, slurs

"Identify as a chicken if you like – you still need to be male or female."


“Australia brought in new passport rules Thursday allowing citizens to state their official gender as male, female or “x”, without having to undergo surgery as proof of a sex change.”

So I get it, gender is complicated. Sometimes you prefer the company of your gender or a mix gender, I’m alright with that. I firmly believe that whatever you want to do in the bedroom, so long as everyone is alright with it, is fine. I’m all for same-sex-marriage, sharing health benefits and all, complete equality!

But, at the end of the day, you’re still one thing or another. If you’ve had an operation, I get it, you’re not Jimmy anymore, you’re Janine and that’s strange, but cool. Check female and move on. But if you dress like a dude and you’re not, you should expect air travel to be a little complicated! While I’m sure you had a difficult childhood and now, you’re finally comfortable in your skin, from the agents point-of-view, you’re wearing a disguise, like that dude where the old-man-mask.

In an age where 6-year-olds where being TSA raped (thankfully they’re taking steps towards profiling), gender X is really going to fuck things up, especially in the very lame state of North Carolina. They’ll hold you for days just on principal.

Anyway, long story short, if you’re a dude, travel as a dude, if you’re a chick, travel as a chick. You really shouldn’t have documentation that calls you other!

Full article:

Oh dear. How did I guess I’d be seeing some of this? What if you aren’t a ‘dude’ or a ‘chick’? My documentation is wrong because it enforces that binary on a person who doesn’t fit it. Wish I was Australian…

Anyway. I’m not sure what this is about ‘same sex marriage’, but let’s get this clear, GENDER =/= SEXUALITY. This business has nothing to do with the bedroom. The X option is for people who aren’t men or women. People who are non-binary, in other words. (I’ve seen some say it’s going to end up othering binary trans people, which is NOT a good thing - from what I can see, that’s a distinct possibility for binary trans folks who aren’t medically transitioning or have not done so yet. I mean, it’s not ideal even for non-binary folks, but it’s better than nothing.) Nothing to do with sexual orientation.

One is not always ‘one or the other’. That’s a binarist fallacy carved into the bodies of those who physically aren’t and the minds of those who mentally aren’t. And there’s a lot of both. Also, it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL GENDER FROM ANATOMY. That’s a cissexist standard. If someone ID’s as a woman, they’re a woman. Anatomy is irrelevent. If the person was assigned male at birth, they don’t need surgery to ‘become’ a woman. Unfortunately we’re nowhere near degendering body parts yet, which does need to be done. THEY’RE JUST BITS. The concept of physical sex is incredibly woolly.

'Wearing a disguise'? Shit. YES WE FUCKING KNOW PEOPLE THINK LIKE THAT, WE KNOW BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THAT FUCKING WELL HURT US AND FUCK US OVER. And you know what? That kind of idea is NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE. Nor is apologism for it, which is what this is.

It’s not okay to expect people to put up with erasure, misgendering and all the danger that goes along with that just to accommodate the bigotry of others. Which is what the ‘well the TSA won’t like it’ excuse is. The TSA is as far as a Brit can gather a shitspit organisation - but it’s them that need to sort their shit out, not us.

Also, I understand that the TSA’s actions towards children - and others, including trans folks - are intensely wrong and traumatic, but please don’t use ‘rape’. Not appropriate.

Long story short, THE WORLD IS NOT DIVIDED INTO MALE AND FEMALE, MAN AND WOMAN. The gender binary and the sex binary are both fallacies. No-one ‘needs to’ be either. Some folks are, and that’s cool. Some trans folks are. Some folks aren’t. Simple!

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Huffington Post thinks “Genderqueer” is a Sexual Orientation  The title of this post was promising: “What Gaga & Minaj’s alter-egos say about the shifting millenial generation.”  I should have stopped there, since the rest is pure cissplainin’ filth.

Sexuality Pending: … Kreayshawn sometimes explains her sexuality with an open-ended “I like people who like me;” other times, she claims to be asexual. Like Kreayshawn, many young adults reject existing labels of gay or straight, identifying with a whole host of new options including “gender non-conforming,” “androgynous” “pansexual” or “genderqueer.”

What the ignorant hell is this?  I’m both pansexual and genderqueer, and those things are not the same.  Protip: one is a sexual orientation and the other is a gender identity.

But you know what those things most definitely are not?  Pending.  This is not “oh jeepers, mister, I call myself ‘genderqueer’ because I just don’t know what’s going on in this lil ol lady-brain of mine!”  This is who I am.

So STFU, Nick Shore, and EYDS, and maybe next time you won’t make yourself look like such a damn fool.

[Sorry if submitted more than once - your page is having an existential crisis.]

Yick. The article doesn’t appear to be available - the link’s not working - but from what you’ve quoted that’s a whirlwind of fail. *facepalm* And there’s the subtle implication of it as a trend…

Sorry it took me so damn long to get to this - how long’s it been now, about a week?- but I was almost completely laid up for a bit. And I really hope my page is working again now…

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Call For Submissions


> A new resource guide by and for trans people is looking for people 
> of color, immigrants, poor/low-income folks and people on the 
> feminine spectrum who are interested in sharing their stories, 
> expertise and experiences for this groundbreaking book project. You 
> don’t need to be an academic or professional - we welcome everyone. 
> If you are trans, TG/TS, genderqueer, GV, gender nonconforming or 
> intersex and would like to help us make sure this resource reflects 
> your community’s experiences, please read on!
> ***************
> ABOUT THE PROJECT: Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (TBTS) is a 
> groundbreaking resource guide in-progress, being written by and for 
> trans people. It is based off the idea of Our Bodies, Ourselves, but 
> will cover a much wider variety of topics, including coming out as a 
> trans person, relationships and sexuality, parenting, identifying 
> with multiple communities, finding employment, seeking wellness, 
> legal advocacy, and representations of trans people in the media. 
> TBTS is integrating discussions of class, race, ability, status, and 
> many other parts of trans identities throughout each chapter in an 
> effort to show how different and varied trans people’s experiences 
> are. The book will provide resources and guides from people within 
> diverse trans communities, and will include personal anecdotes, 
> advice, stories and art. TBTS is conducting outreach through 
> numerous community forums, an online survey, and targeted outreach 
> to diverse communities in order to include as many voices as 
> possible. More information about the project, including the TBTS 
> survey and bios of many of our authors, is available online 
> .
> CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Trans Bodies, Trans Selves team is 
> currently looking for more contributors to help ensure that TBTS 
> will represent a broad a range of trans experiences. Specifically, 
> we are looking for people of color, people on the feminine spectrum, 
> immigrants and/or poor/low-income folks who are willing to 
> contribute their stories, expertise and experiences. Contributors do 
> not need to be “experts;” experience is first and foremost, and we 
> welcome inquiries from any and all people within the trans community 
> who are open to speaking their own truths. TBTS is aiming to be as 
> accessible as possible and will use everyday, easily understood 
> language - not academic jargon - so contributors of all educational 
> backgrounds/levels are welcome.
> If you are interested in contributing to TBTS, please contact Amanda 
> Rosenblum at to find out more about how you 
> can get involved. TBTS is currently looking for:
> * A range of short pieces (typically 800 words) that are personal 
> narratives and/or that include specific resources and how-to’s
> * Other forms of writing and art
> * Folks who would like to share their experiences through 
> interviews with the TBTS team
> * Authors for chapters on Immigration and Class
> Please indicate in your email which topic(s)/experiences you might 
> be interested in addressing and tell us a little bit about your 
> background. While we cannot promise publication, we are committed to
> working with potential authors/contributors to identify topics that 
> have yet to be covered and to help bring your unique perspective to 
> the project. We are also happy to consider works that may have 
> already been published elsewhere, subject to appropriate approval.
> In addition to authors, we are also looking for volunteers who would 
> like to review chapters and/or responses to the TBTS online survey, 
> many of which will be incorporated into the book. This project is 
> entirely volunteer-based and we appreciate any time you might be 
> able to contribute to help us make TBTS as useful, informative and 
> interesting as possible.
> Please reach out to us if you are interested in contributing to the 
> Trans Bodies, Trans Selves project, or if you have any questions. 
> Looking forward to hearing from you!
> This message is intended for the sole use of the addressee, and may 
> contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from 
> disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the addressee you 
> are hereby notified that you may not use, copy, disclose, or 
> distribute to anyone the message or any information contained in the 
> message. If you have received this message in error, please 
> immediately advise the sender by reply email and delete this message.
> Here is the address the announcement came from:

——-Original Message——-
From: [mailto:sjti-all@yahoogroups.c

om] On 
Behalf Of Chris Mosier
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:35 PM
Subject: [sjti-all] Call for participation in trans resource book

Please pass this along to ensure representation of all groups.

Submitted by mirkwood. Thank you!

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hawtistic asked: Also, in relation to that last post, am I the only one who's disturbed by the word "butthurt?" It makes me think of anal rape. (This is fierystage, by the way, I changed my name.)

Yeah, it bothers me too - dammit, I didn’t mention that. I hate forgetting things like that. Will go back and add in an extra bullet point.

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Trigger warning - cissexism, biological determinism, binarism, tone policing, cursing.

Also the word ‘butthurt’.

hey obnoxious gay/trans people of the internet


I do believe that many people are born in the wrong body. I understand that many of these people feel that way from birth. but that is not an excuse for every lesbian that feels uncomfortable in girls’ clothes to say she’s a man. or gender queer… whatever that is. Just stop being so confusing. Gender is real, it is not “made up by society”…it is genetically bestowed upon each person.

If you feel that you want to be the other sex, that’s totally fine with me. But don’t expect the entire world to understand you, because they won’t. Don’t get butthurt when someone calls you “ma’am” because you look like a woman instead of a man. They can’t help it, they’re trying to be nice. Most boyish lesbians don’t want to be called “sir,” so how is that waitress supposed to know that you DO want to be called sir?

Seriously though the world is not going to redefine the term “man” and “woman” to include transgendered people. MEN have penises. WOMEN have vaginas. I’m sorry if you don’t have one of these. If we have to start using “uterus bearer” when talking about abortion/pregnancy because “not all women have uteruses,” well that will be a sad day.

Look I love all people and I am not in any way against gay or trans people, I know its not a choice, but you have to realize that most people don’t know what gender queer is or that you’re a man or woman or whatever.. so just calm down.

Hey obnoxious bigoted people of the internet! You’re not speaking into a vacuum… meaning that we can hear you and call you out on your shite.

  1. Gay =/= trans. Sexual orientation =/= gender/s/non-gender/s.
  2. Quit hiding behind your fauxportive guff and at least admit that what you’re saying is bigoted. Because yeah, it is.
  4. It’s not ‘confusing’ to be ourselves. What’s confusing is the goddamn kyriarchy that screws itself into so many people’s heads, people like you, and causes them to get confused over a perfectly simple issue, which is…
  5. YOU DO NOT KNOW PEOPLE AS WELL AS THEY KNOW THEMSELVES. Thus, if a person says she’s a woman, she’s a woman. If a person says ve is bigender, ve’s bigender. If a person says he’s a man, he’s a man. If a person says they are genderqueer, they’re genderqueer. If a person isn’t sure, that’s fine. Because no-one can dictate someone else’s identity.
  6. We have every right to expect that the world treat us like it does cis binary people. You know why? Because we’re people. Just like cis binary folks. We have the same rights. And the kyriarchy denies us that equality, which we have every right to expect. The world can be a better place. Defeatism is counterproductive.
  7. The thing about gender/s/non-gender/s is that you can’t tell how a person identifies by looking at them. Pretty simple, right? So the waiting staff never know; they just guess.
  8. Why shouldn’t the world include us? Aren’t we people too? Don’t we deserve a place in this world?
  9. 'Butthurt'? That is one creepy word. It has really nasty rapey overtones. Please stop.
  10. Not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas, not all people have one or the other, not all people are binary in either sex or gender. People may or may not have body dissonance, but that’s very individual. SO BASICALLY, YES WE DO NEED TO TALK ABOUT PEOPLE WITH UTERI RE PREGNANCY AND ABORTION. I could probably get pregnant and I am not a woman. Anyone telling me that I am is an erasing pile of failure who thinks they can speak over me about my own self.
  11. Calm down? We will not calm down until the kyriarchy lies in ruins around us. Because the kyriarchy is wrong. The kyriarchy is hurting you, it’s hurting us. Stop trying to tone police us. We have every right to our pain, our anger, because being misgendered fucking well hurts.

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